Therapy for Women

Learning to be o.k. with who you are, where you are – is an important first step toward self-empowerment. We will discuss ways in which you can strengthen and inspire yourself to live your most authentic life with your own resources.

Women's therapy is so important to your well-being because our private sessions give you the time to work on yourself. As a woman who has gone through her own traumas and losses, I understand that good mental health key to your living the best, most fulfilled life you deserve. There is no substitute for protecting yourself and feeling strong on your own.

You don’t have to “just get by” – you can excel in your own space with the help of a woman who understands what you’ve been through, and is ready to provide an understanding and connective therapy that helps you heal.

My Counseling Services for Women include:

  • Depression counseling

  • Therapy for Anxiety

  • Self-esteem coaching

  • Trauma therapy

  • Divorce counseling for women

  • Break-up support

  • Grief and loss counseling

If you’re ready to improve your emotional independence and regain your own well-being, discover the value of individualized counseling for women today.

Empowering Women One Girl at a Time

The teen years can be challenging! During this time, many adolescents experience difficulty with low self-esteem, peer conflict, fitting in, social expectations, academics, parental conflict, and physical well-being.

Often at the center of many problems is relationship discord. Not only the relationship we have with other people but the one we have with ourselves. Girls in their teens are at a prime time to develop a lifelong self-relationship – learning to love themselves for who they are and where they are.

Counseling for teen girls can change the landscape of the adolescent experience, and give you a strong foundation as you approach adulthood.

My Counseling Services for Teens include:

  • Individual therapy for Teens age 15+

  • Self-esteem coaching

  • Depression counseling

  • Counseling for anxiety

Loving yourself is the key to meeting your present and future challenges with increased emotional independence. I’m here to offer hope! Together we will sort things out.


If you are or know someone who is struggling, contact me today for a confidential discussion.