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"Although life has happened to you, you are not a victim. I will hold your hand and walk with you through the pain – I will also gently push you when you need it". 

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Shuree Waggoner 

My Approach


I’m just like you. I’ve had many of the same experiences you have - unfortunate life events contributed to many years of dysfunctional thinking and behaving that didn’t serve me well. With experience, age, education, and therapy myself, I’ve gained much wisdom. Adverse experiences and the things I’ve done wrong have taught me the most about life. Nothing would make me happier than to pass this knowledge on to you.

My mission is to help women know their own value through exploring how trauma and current anxieties contribute to present self-sabotaging behaviors. My clients experience life events in a way that help them piece together the logical progression of how then became now, how feelings and thoughts create behavior, and what can be done to unburden themselves from feelings of depression and anxiety.

Through counseling and educational resources I use my personal journey as a guide to help women develop positive self-esteem so they can feel content regardless of their life situation. The methods I focus on are the ones I used myself to move through hard times and become empowered.


I also bring many personal experiences, which I think enhance my work with clients.  My own life journey has led me down many challenging paths. I know the pain of childhood trauma and how that can affect your life for years. I have experienced a tragic event and understand the sorrow of losing loved one’s. I can relate to the pain of divorce and lost love. My health has been jeopardized by chronic illness and at times my faith seriously questioned. I’ve chosen bad jobs and wrong relationships.


I believe my background helps me better understand your pain, and my knowledge as a Therapist can help equip you with the tools to move you forward.

I’m not exactly the soft spoken “how does that make you feel” kind of therapist. I’ve been where a lot of my clients are or have been and while I’m certainly empathetic and have great respect for my client’s challenges, I want them to take responsibility and make the choices needed to move their lives forward. 



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Washington

  • Master’s Degree in Counseling from Seattle University with a focus on Education.

  • Advocate, Therapist and Group Facilitator at DSHS, YWCA, Domestic Violence Program, Hospital Behavioral Health Organization.

  • 17 years in private practice working with women and teen girls around depression, anxiety and self-esteem issues.



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